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The chemical industry is built around the creation of some of the world’s most popular and widely used products. But behind the scenes, the manufacturing, transportation and distribution of chemicals to areas across the world can be extremely dangerous.  Knowing how to construct a durable chemical label to withstand specialty chemical spills, maintain legible pictograms and display OSHA mandated label requirements while being exposed to harsh in-transit elements is pivotal.

With the possibility of labels being overly exposed to sunlight, saltwater submersion or in-transit elements smuding the label surface, they must be manufactured to meet rigorous safety and durability guidelines. With our vast array of substrates, coatings and permanent adhesives, we produce BS5609 compliant labels manufactured for optimum industry performance. Knowing whether polypropylene versus pinfeed labels are more effective when determining the type of custom label needed; in conjunction with application of UV or water based inks with certain coatings will protect your labels in harsh environments, is why America’s leading chemical manufacturers choose us as their premier label printer. By providing these acccurately constructed chemical labels, we effectively support our customers’ varying requests. From our blank pin feed labels to our red diamond GHS labels, our digital & flexographic printing capabilities create customization while also adhering to OSHA’s guidelines & regulations. Although our printing processes can be complex within the chemical sector, the purchasing process for our customers is made simple through our standardized labeling solutions and hands-on methods when manufacturing & printing their custom chemical labels. If you choose the wrong chemical label printer, you might as well be throwing money out to sea. Don’t let your next label purchase go to waste.


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Drum & Pail Labels

We offer a wide variety of label sizes to fit 35 to 55-gallon drums as well as 1 & 5- gallon pails. Our ability to manufacture custom labels as blanks and preprinted blanks, used in conjunction with the Epson printers, ensures BS5609 compliance. With possible exposure to chemicals, corrosives, extreme sun light and more, a label’s substrate, adhesive and ink choices must be conducive to the elements it will be facing. With our varying types of custom labels and printing capabilities, we can accommodate the printing of small to large drums and pail labels that are available in rolls or fanfold as well as with or without pinfeed options.

GHS Labels

Global Harmonized System Labels (GHS labels) are used as a standardized method for classifying, identifying and labeling chemicals creating a common communication system across the world. All GHS labels must contain the red diamond border with specified pictograms printed inside to illustrate single or mixed chemical hazards contained within the packaged product. At PrimeSourceOPC, we are equipped to provide BS5609 approved blank labels as well as fully printed GHS and BS5609 labels depending on your label guidelines and chemicals you are manufacturing.

Pinfeed Labels

PrimeSourceOPC is a leading supplier of blank and preprinted pinfeed fanfolding labels for customers who need to print their own GHS labels in-house using the Epson C-831 inkjet printers. The durable film labels are BS5609 compliant and are manufactured to resist chemicals, saltwater, fading and smudging. The permanent adhesive adheres well to varying surfaces including metal, poly and corrugated drums and pails. In order to accommodate your label needs, we offer a wide selection of custom and stock sizes.

Variable Data Labels

Our chemical variable data labels are best implemented when customers need serial numbers, date coding or other unique identifiers printed within their custom label. Each label or batch of roll labels, from PrimeSourceOPC, can be customized to include distinctive variable information such as serial numbers, barcodes, text, imagery and colors.

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