3 Simple Ways to Cut Cost and Drive Sales in Fulfillment Centers

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Promotional packaging and packaging supply chain services are two integral functions within the Distribution and Fulfillment industry.  With the overwhelming number of available services within this space such as pick and pack and cross-docking, these centers must make conscious efforts to maintain low operational costs while providing added value to their clientele in order to be profitable.  Let’s take a peek at 3 simple ways to cut costs and drive sales within the fulfillment and distribution space.

Conceal with Cover-Up Labels

With warehouses full of inventory and hundreds if not thousands of customers with high expectations of quick turnaround, cover-up labels are a lifesaver.  The beauty of a cover-up label is in the endless customization capabilities.  For instance, most products in warehouses and distribution centers may already have their original bar code applied on the products when they arrive.  When wanting to send out Buy One Get One promotions or Value Deals, having a new 2D or 3D bar code label to apply over the original code saves time and decreases manual labor costs.  Cover up labels can also serve two purposes.  They are not only concealing content the consumer doesn’t need to see with an opaque backing, but they are also an effective method for supporting branding efforts for companies.

3 Simple Ways to Cut Cost and Drive Sales in Fulfillment Centers

Drive E-Commerce Sales with Label Discount Cards

Companies with brick and mortar stores know the importance of having a credible and profitable online presence.  With today’s skyrocketing of mobile shopping, it’s obvious that driving consumers to websites is essential in order to prosper in today’s economy.  How can fulfillment and distribution centers help their customers achieve this goal?  It’s easy: with promotional labels.  One of our most successful labels used to support these marketing strategies is our custom discount label cards.

Increase Efficiency with Large Inventory Bar Code Labels

3 Simple Ways to Cut Cost and Drive Sales in Fulfillment CentersThousands of square feet to cover with forklifts running continuously and workers picking and packing from dusk ‘til dawn.  Sound familiar?  If so, here’s an easily implemented solution to save your team time: large barcode warehouse labels.  Working with other fulfillment and distribution plants throughout the country using this type of label, their operations have seen an uptick in the picking process resulting in quicker turnaround times for their clients.  One reason this process saves times is because the forklift operators don’t have to get in and out of their forklifts every time to pull products.  All they have to do is simply push a button from their handheld scanner and scan the large print bar code label.  Then they can continue on with their process of pulling inventory.

With so many label options available, PrimeSourceOPC is here to guide you through the process.  Tell us how we can help your operations cut costs and run more efficiently with our multiple label solutions.