Choosing the Best Security Labels for Your Operations

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Security labels can be found in almost every industry in one form or another, but how do you choose the right type of security label to support your ultimate objective? With multiple label capabilities and materials available to companies across the globe, determining the type of custom label needed can be a challenge. PrimeSourceoOPC is here to guide you through the process and explain how to determine what type of security label best supports your company’s needs.

What are Security Labels?

In simplistic terms, security labels are applied to products, and if tampered with, an obvious defect in the label will occur. Should anyone or anything try to remove the label(s), they will tear or shred when being peeled off, leave an obvious residue or design, or will leave the actual word VOID on the product. In the world of security labels, two basic forms are most widely used: tamper evident and void labels. Manufactured within these types of labels are certain security features that prohibit security breaches, tampering at access points and label switching. Security labels have low to high security details within the substrate used to print custom-shaped labels, depending on the level of security needed.

How are Security Labels Beneficial?

Companies lose billions of dollars a year due to products being tampered with, security breaches and fraudulent brand counterfeiting. With an effective security label, these costs can be reduced significantly and restore profits back to companies in an astounding amount.

When Do I Need a Tamper-Evident Label vs. a Void Label?

Security labels have low to high security detailsWith billions of consumer goods across varying industries, choosing the best label solution is essential in safeguarding products. Tamper-evident labels are most widely used in the manufacturing of consumer goods. For example, we have all seen the “If seal is broken, do not use” label on products throughout the store. This is one type of tamper-evident label. Another common type is bar code labels. To the general public, these intricate designs manufactured in the barcodes may not be obvious. However, should someone try to remove that label to place on another item of higher value at a lower cost, the label would tear into pieces and no longer be useable.

Void labels are more frequently used throughout the automotive, pharma and electronic sectors. A void label is unique in that, when removed, the words VOID will appear either on the surface where the label was applied, from the label itself, or both. This is beneficial to companies offering warranties and providing confirmation to their buyers they are receiving authentic merchandise.

Of course, tamper-evident and void labels offer a multitude of other benefits and high-level security when needing to protect your company and buyers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide custom security labels to support your operations and decrease the possibility of product tampering and theft.