Don’t Lose Money on the Wrong Providers of Drum and
Pail Labels

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The chemical industry is built around the creation of some of the world’s most well-known products. What consumers don’t see are the harsh elements the drum and pails endure in order to safely and properly transport chemicals across the globe. With potential exposure to gas spills, saltwater and more, drum and pail labels must be manufactured to last.

With our wide selection of substrates housed in our 40,000-square-foot facility, we are able to offer a variety of drum and pail labels that fit 35 to 55-gallon drums and 1 to 5 gallon pails. Our ability to print with variable data by utilizing bar codes, imagery and text variations allows limitless capabilities. We also specialize in manufacturing custom labels as blanks and preprinted blanks, allowing BS5609 compliancy when used in conjunction with the Epson printers.

Having working knowledge of the chemical industry as a label supplier is essential. Choosing the wrong label provider can cost companies millions of dollars if they do not meet specified guidelines and regimens for accurate chemical label production. Knowing which substrate is better suited when combined with certain permanent adhesives and ink choices makes an impactful difference when choosing a label provider that knows how to achieve optimal performance.

At PrimeSourceOPC, we provide drum and pail labels that are completely customizable to support your company’s needs. Not all industries are the same, and each sector needs different types of labels to support their daily production and manufacturing. That is why we offer rolls or fanfold labels, available with or without our pinfeed option. Contact us today so we can help support your custom drum and pail label needs.