Don’t Lose Money on the Wrong Providers of Drum and
Pail Labels

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The chemical industry is built around the creation of some of the world’s most well-known products. What consumers don’t see are the harsh elements the drum and pails endure in order to safely and properly transport chemicals across the globe. With potential exposure to gas spills, saltwater and more, BS5609 drum and pail labels must be manufactured to last.

With our wide selection of substrates housed in our North Carolina facility, we are able to offer a variety of drum and pail labels fitting 35 to 55-gallon drums and 1 to 5-gallon pails. Our ability to offer 5 different sizes of pin-feed labels with multiple printing capabilities to chemical manufacturers across the globe allows us to offer competitive pricing while supporting your operations.  Our blank, pre-printed and full-color pin feed chemical labels can be manufactured to beBS5609 compliant when used in conjunction with industrial inkjet printers like the Epson C-831.

Having working knowledge of the chemical industry as a label supplier is essential. Choosing the wrong label provider can cost companies millions of dollars if they do not meet specific GHS guidelines and regimens for accurate chemical label production and application. Knowing what type of inks are needed to print legible GHS diamonds and OSHA mandated content for drum and pail labels without them defacing or falling off while in transit is key.  Verifying effective adhesives and ink selections are applied to chemical labels could mean the difference between life and death!  So choosing a label provider who knows how to achieve optimal performance labels while adhering to industry regulations is essential for safety!

At PrimeSourceOPC, we provide drum and pail labels completely customizable to support your company’s needs. Not all industries are the same, and each industry within the chemicals sector needs different types of labels to support their daily production and manufacturing. In working with chemical producers around the globe, we have been recognized for our standardized labeling solutions to address the challenges facing a variety of chemical manufacturers on a national and global level.  Let us help you streamline your label buying process and cut costs within your supply chain!  Yes, tell me more!