GHS Labels for the Chemical and Manufacturing Sectors

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Global Harmonized System labels (GHS labels) are used as a standardized method for classifying, identifying, and labeling chemicals, creating a common communication system across the world. The red diamonds and pictograms on the labels are vital for the chemical and manufacturing sectors to meet safety and compliance regulations. These labels and pictograms represent single or mixed chemical hazards within the products, allowing the handlers to know exactly what the product contains. This insight allows for safer transportation and manufacturing processes.

Construction of the GHS labels is as important as utilizing the proper symbols based off industry requirements. The substrates, adhesives, and inks must be specifically manufactured for the container and its contents so they stay affixed and legible; no matter the elements. Within standard operation processes, the preprinted GHS labels may be sufficient or BS5609 approved blank labels may be required to meet compliancy.

PrimeSourceOPC has the know-how to provide quality GHS labels, depending on what your chemical or manufacturing operation requires. We can work with you to produce approved blank labels or fully printed GHS and BS5609 labels, depending on your label guidelines and chemicals being manufactured. We offer expedited processes that support your manufacturing needs quickly and effectively.

If you have any questions about our GHS labels or any of our other products, including durable labels, product packaging labels, chemical labels, and custom labels, don’t hesitate to contact us.