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With thousands of custom label manufacturers across the country, choosing the most suitable label printer to support your operations can be overwhelming.  In general, most label printers offer similar printing capabilities from digital printing to flexographic printing.  The difference often lies in quality control, production expertise, and efficient shipping methods ensuring on-time deliveries.

So how do you determine the best custom label printer to support your manufacturing operations?  Maybe you’re asking yourself, what specialized printing capabilities should a label manufacturer have when working on unique projects?  Or maybe you are rolling out a new product line and now is the time to perform a market analysis of current or potentially new label printers.  As a trusted custom label resource for multiple industries for over 40 years, PrimeSourceOPC knows what it takes to provide your company with top-class-quality, competitive pricing and set the standard for expedited turn-around times.

In order to make the most informed decision regarding your label printer of choice, learn how Procurement Directors, Operation Managers, and R&D Executives evaluate label companies throughout their decision-making process.  And why ultimately, they choose PrimeSourceOPC to exceed their expectations.

Quality:  Of course, it’s no surprise this tops the list at number one.  Several factors influence the quality of a label.  Are the labels lifting after application?   Are your colors and logos crisp and clear; even after multiple uses?  Will your barcodes scan properly based on your POS system?  As part of our quality process, we perform a two-point inspection method.  One, we have our inspection department examine every label before leaving our facility.  Second, we utilize our inspection machine; operated by a trained technician, to perform a final review of all labels.  We also have multiple press operators, with over 20 years of label experience, manufacturing custom label solutions, ensuring our customers’ labels meet their required Delta E guidelines.  We pride ourselves on printing high-quality labels with extreme attention to detail.  If these standards aren’t part of your label provider’s QMS, then it’s time to start searching for a new label printer.

How to Choose an Expert Custom Label Printer

Specialty Labels Required:  Not all label converters have the same manufacturing and printing credentials.  Some; like PrimeSourceOPC, have undergone training and received approved certifications to print specialty labels such as UL & cUL. Security labels can also require specific industry knowledge in order to produce effective solutions.  Partnering with an expert is key in knowing how to properly manufacture specialty labels which will be effective when in use on consumer products.

Turn Around and Shipping Expectations:  Urgency and expedited processes must be high priorities when choosing dependable label printers.  Customers must have labels to pass mandated inspections, shipping requirements, and more; however, oftentimes labels are a last-minute item on procurement’s to-do list.  Verifying your label company of choice has a seamless delivery system in place is essential in making sure your operations run smoothly.  Not only should they be able to support your long term scheduled orders, but your last-minute needs as well.

Pricing:  The big P-word.  Companies and consumers all desire competitive pricing while some want the lowest price in town; however, cheaper isn’t always better.  Performing market analysis on your current suppliers is a smart thing if you evaluate pricing with the inclusion of other essential factors.  In a world where the economy can fluctuate and ROI is viewed closely by high-level executives, pricing should align with the quality and types of labels you require.  Pricing for commodity labels is typically less than pricing for more custom, specialty labels such as private labels or security labels.  Knowing when you can buy basic labels online versus needing a partnership with an expert label manufacturer to achieve your project goals certainly plays an imperative role in the decision-making process.

New Product Lines:  Oftentimes, manufacturing companies don’t want to put all of their eggs in one basket.  They like to have two or three label printers depending on their size and number of products being manufactured.  As a result, when new products are launched, new suppliers are chosen to assist with the custom labeling process supporting demand and go-to-market deadlines.  One example would be the shift we are seeing with current customers supporting the COVID-19 efforts by making hand sanitizers and disinfectants.  As a trusted label resource for our customers, we are able to shift gears with them supporting their new product lines in a timely manner.  To learn more about how PrimeSourceOPC is bridging the gap for companies shifting gears to support COVID-19 efforts, CLICK HERE!

The advantage of having so many label vendors to choose from is manufacturers and companies can be picky and have high expectations.  At PrimeSourceOPC, we welcome the label challenges facing today’s markets and pride ourselves on being first in class with the production of our durable labels, product packaging labels, chemical labels, and more!

If you are searching for a new custom label printer or need help deciding if PrimeSourceOPC would be a good fit for your operations, please contact us to see how we can help.