How to Design Eye-Catching Custom Labels for Your Food or
Beverage Product

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custom labels for your food or beverage productWith the dozens of choices that consumers are faced with on just about every shelf and section of the store, custom labels for your food or beverage product are more important than ever. You need your custom label to convey important information, but also to grab and keep the attention of potential customers and convince them to choose your product. Custom labels can be created through a variety of printing methods like digital printing or flexographic printing, but the basics of a quality label are similar no matter what method is used.

Here are some of the elements to carefully consider while designing custom labels for your products:

  • Colors: Color can be a powerful element. The type and color of your packaging also needs to be considered, especially if it is colored. You wouldn’t want to put certain colors on green glass, for example.
  • Fonts: You want your font to stand out, but it also needs to be highly readable, as most people make decisions about which product to buy in a few seconds and they may continue to buy the same product for years afterward.
  • Imagery: Size and content of images must be considered, as well as how the imagery will interact with the colors and fonts selected.
  • Copy: Some information is required to be on your labels, and other information may be important to convey to the consumer.

The appropriate adhesive for your custom labels will depend on the application surface type. Is your product packaged in glass, plastic, cardboard or some other material? Here at PrimeSourceOPC, we look forward to helping you with the perfect custom labels for your needs.