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Despite a growing movement to reduce packing, there will always be products that must be placed in glass or plastic bottles. Whether intended to protect the product or to serve another purpose, if you have bottled products, you must put some careful consideration into your product ID labels. By considering all of the factors, you can choose the right option for each of your products. Here are a few questions you’ll need to address before moving forward with having your product ID labels printed.

Product ID Labels for Bottles

What is the surface like on your bottles?

Consider the rigidity difference between a glass and plastic bottle, for example. Will your product ID labels need to be able to withstand some bending because you have a plastic bottle? What type of adhesive will be needed to keep your labels in place on the type of surface your bottles have?

What is the product inside the bottle?

It might seem unnecessary to think about what is inside the bottle, but when you consider that the contents could spill onto the outside of the bottle, you need product ID labels that will stand up to those drips without becoming illegible. You should also consider whether you want your label to leave some viewing space so the contents can be seen.

What environment will your product be used in?

Will your bottles be around water? Jostled in a grocery bag? Go through many different environments not only getting to market but in the hands of the consumer? Be sure to choose product ID labels that can stand the abuse that your bottles are likely to go through.

What is your bottle shape?

When planning your bottles, be sure to keep in mind how well a label will affix to it. A curved bottle can have more challenges than one with a nice, smooth surface. A narrow bottle can also have challenges. Keep in mind that product ID labels can have an overlap, if necessary.

At PrimeSourceOPC, we know the right questions to ask so that we can help you get the best product ID labels for your product bottles. These are just a few of the topics we might address with you, so we can fully grasp the challenges and complexities of your situation and each product’s label needs. Reach out today if you have some questions for us about our printing capabilities for product packaging and product ID labels.