Significant Digital Investments Leads to Faster Thinking

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Accurate. Precise. Consistent. These are 3 words to describe digital printing. It produces vibrant high-quality pressure-sensitive labels and can be used for practically any product or project.

If you’re new to custom digital labels, it doesn’t use plates like conventional printing, but instead uses a process similar to how your desktop printer works. It excels when competitive pricing, lower quantities or variable data are needed. It’s the only way to go. It’s also where PrimeSourceOPC shines and can give a definitive competitive edge. Our most recent investments in digital printing awards us a copious amount of benefits that we pass along to you.

Significant Digital Investments Leads to Faster Thinking

The CEI Domino N610i Hybrid is in it for the long haul on medium to long runs. It’s capable of 6 color extended gamut printing plus a white ink, and is bolsters fast speeds (164 feet per minute), and proficient at matching up to 92% of Pantone colors.

Our Jetrion 4900 is 4 color process printing plus white ink, laser die cutting and also features no tooling required. Perfect for short to medium press runs. It enables us to produce shorter, consistent runs and allows you the ability to respond quickly to market changes by purchasing only what you need, when you need it. You get high quality custom labels that reinforce your brand at reduced costs. Labels so precise you’ll forget they’re labels.

Benefits of digital labels

  • Versatility – Customize your advertising prints for different products, geographic locations, and benefit statements.
  • Reduced cost per unit for short-to-medium-size runs.
  • Cost-effectiveness per unit for short-to-medium-size runs.
  • High resolution, for the tiniest details.
  • Flexibility – Short or High volume print runs using various materials and colors.

Our Think F.A.S.T.E.R. culture was born out of our over 40 years of experience, and the flexibility and quality that these machines provide. It’s a mantra we live by:

F –  Fast, Flexible (Short lead-times; Ability to accommodate rush orders)
A – Agency Approvals (UL, cUL, ISO 9001:2015)
S – Samples (Prototyping), Safety Stock (Inventory Management Solutions)
T – Technology (Digital, Laser Cutting, etc), Tough Applications
E – Experience (Almost 40 years in business; Big name customers, etc.)
R – Resistant (Durable Applications), Ready-to-go