The Demand for Private Labeled Products is Growing

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The Demand for Private Labeled Products is GrowingWhen researching marketing and consumer trends, one commonality stands out from the crowd: the push for companies to design and market their own private brands. With numbers like $143 billion in private label product sales over the latest year in America alone, companies better stop and pay attention so they can ride the private branding wave to the top.

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Y and future generations are the target markets and trend setters of the next decade. Their buying habits, lack of brand loyalty, and fan favorites will continue to affect the push towards the growth of private brands. With 85% of consumers stating they trusted private brands as much as national brands, companies must react and begin development of their own branded product lines.

What are Private Label Products?

They are products manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Chances are, we’ve all bought a private label product at some point in our shopping journey. You might even shop at a certain store in order to buy your private label brand. Whatever the case, their popularity and demand are growing.

Why have Private Label Products?

It seems the most obvious reason is more revenue. When companies invest in their own product line, they typically generate more revenue and higher profit margins, especially when they choose a knowledgeable custom label company like PrimeSourceOPC to brand their products. When partnering with knowledgeable product manufacturers, label suppliers and packaging companies, creating your own private labeled product is a cinch.

Where are Private Label Products Emerging?

Several types of industries are taking advantage of the push behind private label products. However, some types of consumer products seem to be more predominant. Categories range from pharmaceutical and clothing private labels to cosmetics and food private labels. With so many resources out there to utilize, creating your own brand is easier than ever.

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