What are the Benefits of Standardized Labeling Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers?

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With an estimated 13,000+ chemical manufacturers in the United States and roughly 25,000+ chemicals in production, standardizing the labeling process is a necessity for optimal results.  Since OSHA’s mandated processes are meant to safeguard employees and all involved throughout the distribution process, effective labels play an integral role in the importance of safety throughout the chemical sector.  Not only are safety and regulations of utmost importance, but ensuring facilities have adequate label supplies to support GHS compliance while meeting transportation deadlines is a top priority.

PrimeSourceOPC’s standardized labeling solutions address all of these challenges while providing measurable cost savings for supply chains throughout the chemical sector.

With PrimeSourceOPC supporting some of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, we noticed operations and plant managers were implementing different buying processes while trying to achieve the same end goal.

What are the Benefits of Standardized Labeling Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers?

After taking a deeper look at how several chemical manufacturers’ buying processes operated, we noticed a trend.  Multiple chemical locations, operating as one company, were buying blank pin feed labels for their industrial inkjet printers without cross-communication between locations. We were working with multiple buyers at multiple locations requesting similar labels with varying buying cycles.  They did, however, have 3 similarities across all facilities.

  1. They were all using the same in-house printers such as the Epson Inkjet C831.
  2. The majority required the blank pin feed labels to be BS5609 compliant.
  3. Multiple locations needed the same variations of the same sized labels to accommodate their varying drum containers.

Our Solution:  Volume Pricing with Drop Ship Options   

The result from consolidating the pin-feed label buying process, with on-site buyers, from multiple manufacturing locations, into a simplified, organized process with cross-communication led to a reduction in overall label spending and increased efficiency per location.  Labels were delivered on-time and when needed.  We were able to also accommodate any locations needing fan-folded pin-feed labels to support their in-house printers.  In turn, overhead costs were reduced, labels were compatible with multiple printers and unneeded steps were eliminated in the buyers’ process.

We also paid attention to the hurdles chemical manufacturers were experiencing with acquisitions and new product inclusions.  With division expansions spanning from specialty chemicals and masterbatches to additives and catalysts, a seamless label solution was needed.

From a marketing and rebranding standpoint, how would manufacturers continue to produce products and meet regulations while incorporating new product lines and instilling their brands; as well as include the broad range of content required on each label?

Our Solution:  Partially Printed Labels with GHS Red Diamond Options

Understanding all chemical labels must contain certain content requirements from company names and physical addresses to product identifiers and pictograms. Some manufacturers also want to showcase their companies’ logos and other branding information on their chemical labels when launching new product lines. The label solutions we devised address our valued Chemical manufacturers’ needs, while still meeting GHS compliance.

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Since the chemical industry spans from shipping products in large metal and plastic drums requiring BS5609 compliant labels to more custom packaging for industrial cleaners, lubricants, and fuels, custom labels are often needed.  These types of labels are typically full color with a variety of required content in conjunction with supplementary information such as fill dates, expiration dates and SKU’s.

Some chemical companies prefer to keep the labeling process simple and leave the majority of label printing to a third party printer like PrimeSourceOPC. However, supplementary information such as batch numbers, expiration dates and fill dates are ever-changing and still must be printed on-site within individual facilities.

Our Solution: Full-Color Pin Feed Labels with Space for Customization (BS5609 fully compliant option available)

Even though the full-color custom labels arrive fully printed, blank spaces are left to allow for in-house printing of additional information when needed.  This process saves time and supports the efforts in maintaining lot traceability and other industry requirements without the volume limitations of in-house industrial inkjet printers.

As a whole, these standardized labeling solutions streamline the label-buying process and expedite production.  Are you ready to see how implementing these labeling solutions can bring positive change to your chemical supply chain?  Yes, show me!