What Makes Durable Labels Durable?

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With some product labels, they only need to last for a short while because the product is likely to have a short lifespan and go through little abuse. In other situations, you need durable labels that hold up to adverse conditions and stay the course through their extended lifespan. So, how do durable labels differ from other types? And are they worth the extra expense? To answer these questions, one must look at what makes durable labels durable in the first place.

What Makes Durable Labels Durable?

One feature of durable labels is how well they stick. It might seem like a good, better, best scenario regarding just the adhesive itself, but that isn’t the case. The right adhesive must be chosen, keeping in mind the label material and the porous nature of the product. Speaking of the label material, that is also an important aspect of durable labels. The durability of the material used must be considered to select what will hold up to the anticipated conditions, whether that includes moisture, heavy product handling, temperature changes, or something else.

The last main consideration of durable labels is the print process. Durable labels utilize inks that won’t smudge, fade, discolor, or otherwise become illegible. In some situations, a laminate coating might be necessary to protect against damage. With the use of colorfast inks and coatings, your durable labels can survive a number of onslaughts.

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