Why Durable Product Identification Labels Are Essential to Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors

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The word “durables” is a popular buzz word in today’s manufacturing and industrial markets. With the advancement of new product development and technology, machines and equipment are being designed to withstand more rugged environments for extended lengths of time. As a result, product identification labels and safety labels are exposed to harsher elements for longer periods of time, so they need to be manufactured to last as long as the equipment itself does in these environments.

As a label resource to established outdoor equipment manufacturers, we provide a variety of product identification labels to accommodate specific types of equipment being manufactured. From wet dry vacs to outdoor lawn equipment, our labels adhere to numerous surfaces based off the level of adhesion and durability needed.

Since we are a trusted label provider in the manufacturing and industrial segments, we know how to determine what type of substrates, laminates and adhesives are best equipped to handle the type of product identification labels needed. Understanding what adheres better to outdoor lawn equipment surfaces versus large trash can and wet/dry vac surfaces is one of the many factors we use when determining the type of label needed to be manufactured in order to achieve optimal results.

Working with some of the most well-known names in the business, we have learned how to adapt to change and meet our customers’ requests and demands at expedited speeds. Knowing whether digital or flexographic printing is more cost effective and quicker with the inclusion of best-suited substrates and adhesives is what sets us apart from other label providers.

The key to obtaining quality labels for the industrial and manufacturing sector is working with a supplier who is equipped and experienced in manufacturing and printing custom product identification labels that can withstand harsh elements and last as long as the equipment does. PrimeSourceOPC is the trusted resource for durable product identification labels you need on your team. With our wide range of custom labels suitable for multiple industries, we go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order. Contact us today to see why national brands trust us as their custom label provider.