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As industrial and OEM manufacturing evolve, companies demand increased levels of quality and durability. At PrimeSourceOPC, we see the importance of staying ahead of the curve, always enhancing our label manufacturing methods to support our clients’ needs.  As a leading manufacturer of durable labels, we construct custom labels to withstand rigorous elements, even after application.

As a leading manufacturer of durable labels

However, we have never had the data to “officially” confirm our capabilities until now.

In order to continue our push for customer excellence and the highest standard of quality, we have initiated our first accelerated weather testing on multiple label variations. We knew we had to partner with a knowledgeable, forward-thinking third party who could truly assess pertinent factors, so we chose to collaborate with Q-Labs to complete our research.

Weather Testing vs. Accelerated Weather Testing

From a general bird’s-eye view, weather testing is an in-depth, scientific approach to accurately evaluate whether certain labels can withstand specific elements. One method is to actually expose the labels to natural elements in controlled settings for an extended amount of time. This can be a lengthy process and can take months or even years until completion. The alternative method, accelerated weather testing, is the same concept with an expedited process occurring over 3 to 4 months. The labels are still exposed to a number of elements, just at a more extreme, accelerated pace.

How Does the Process Work?

We chose to test 36 different labels with varying varnishes and substrates, which we manufactured and printed on our flexographic and digital UV inkjet printing presses. Then we provided Q-Labs with the 36 labels for testing. The labels will be exposed to Daylight Q at temperatures of 63°C BPT with deionized water exposure using a Q-SUN Xenon-Arc chamber and the ASTM G155 Cycle 1 standard.

The main purpose of the accelerated weather testing is to see how our inks hold up against fading on various substrates with different laminates/varnishes for additional protection. The test will also provide 4 different readings to measure the 4 different colors used: yellow, blue, red, and black.

Color readings and photographs will be used to document the effects at 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500-hour readings.

Why is Weather Testing Important?

When choosing a durable label provider for your consumer goods, outdoor tools and lawn equipment, branding and strength of the label construction are top priorities. In order for labels to meet engineering and R & D’s expectations, a credible weather test is a necessary step to verify your durable labels can endure the elements and last the length of the product. These tests are meant to ensure quality control is met, certain materials pass certifications or requirements, and exterior durability will last for a specific amount of time after application.

With or without weather testing results, our labels are manufactured to last.  However, having proven case studies solidify our capabilities ensuring your operations are receiving high quality, durable labels for your durable products!  As a label manufacturer driven by customer satisfaction, we are in the process of LIVE case studies with potential customers.  We will be sharing the results of our case studies over the next few weeks.  

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