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Sometimes the label you need doesn’t fit into a specific, everyday label category. Or maybe you have a unique idea or label challenge requiring out of the box thinking and manufacturing. That’s where PrimeSourceOPC comes into play.

With over four decades in the custom label industry, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of custom quality labels. With this much experience, we have faced our fair share of unique requests and label challenges which we have had to overcome for customers. Driven by customer satisfaction, we do whatever it takes to make our customers happy no matter the challenge. We work side-by-side with hundreds of customers to bring to life the custom labels they need. Being more than just a “sticker” company; we provide quick-turn, high-quality label solutions at cost-effective pricing. Because we are experts in the label industry, we collaborate with our customers and guide them towards the selection of correct materials, adhesives and finishes; including overlaminates and varnishes, for their specific applications and performance requirements. Should you need a series of serial numbers, other variable features on different labels, or a destructible label to prevent theft, we can assist with those applications and many other custom label and tag requirements. Whether you are wanting to be the best brewery known for its unmatchable blend of barley and oats or the premier manufacturer of touch up pens requiring double wrap labels, your label needs to speak to the quality and uniqueness of your product. Let PrimeSourceOPC make it happen.

Food and Beverage LABELS

Grab consumers’ attention with an eye-catching label that speaks to the quality of your products. PrimeSourceOPC supports both wine producers and bottlers with indirect food labels throughout the Food and Beverage industry. With our expansive digital and flexographic print processes, we make your custom labels come to life.

Variable Data LABELS

Variable data labels range from serialization to bar code variations to varying imagery used for marketing campaigns. Implementing these possibilities allow manufacturers ease of traceability, quality control and inventory management. Variable features can be printed on one or more labels depending on the needed customization of the label request.

Tamper Evident/Void Labels

When security, tampering at access points, and label switching are challenges you face, tamper evident/void labels are an effective solution. After application of our custom security labels, removing the labels are nearly impossible without leaving a trace. Options range from custom labels that; when peeled back, leave the words VOID to slits manufactured within the labels making removal of the entire label nearly impossible. Reduce the chance of theft and fraudulent activity with custom Tamper Evident/Void labels.


Sometimes you need something less permanent than a label to convey information on a product. A custom tag could be the best solution. Custom tags have applicable uses throughout a variety of industries. From a simple paper tag that serves a temporary purpose to a more industrial, synthetic tag needed to meet OSHA requirements for lockout tag-outs. PrimeSourceOPC is the resource for your custom tag needs.

 Double Wrap LABELS

When there’s not enough space to print all necessary content on your label, a double wrap label could be the answer. With digital and flexographic capabilities, we offer a variety of customizable labels on a wide selection of substrates with numerous finishes.

Tobacco & CBD Oil Labels

PrimeSourceOPC has you covered; in more ways than one, when determining what type of custom labels are needed for Tobacco and CBD Oil products. From inventory control and tamper evident Tobacco labels to simple, clean pressure sensitive labels for your manufactured CBD Oils, we can support your custom label needs.

 Private LABELS

Private labeled products within the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing and food segments are soaring, so your private label must stand out from the crowd. We manufacture eye-catching labels worthy of your private brand name. Let us help you create the label that your product deserves.


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