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Protect your shipments with professional security labels.

Security labels can help you ship products, materials, and documents with confidence. We have many options available for security labels, and we can provide you with the following options when you have us print your labels:

Security Labels

  • Tamper-evident—If someone removes the label, a void message immediately appears on the label. This makes the label impossible to reuse and reseal.
  • Destructible—With destructible security labels, you can discourage tampering or theft with your files, equipment, or products. When someone attempts to remove one of these labels, the material breaks into tiny pieces.
  • Tamper-resistant—This type of label is most often used when transporting important documents. If someone tampers with a tamper-resistant label, it breaks instantly.

We can print security labels with any of these qualities in any size you need. We also have printing capabilities for nearly any color and graphic you want to include. Simply submit your design to us and your requirements, and we will print highly professional and effective security labels for your operation or your product.

At PrimeSourceOPC, security labels are just one of the many types of labels we print for our client base. If you want complete labeling solutions for your operation, we’re the team to work with. To find out more about your options for security labels or to place your order, get in touch with us today.