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Harsh environments, gas spills, extreme sun exposure, & hard to stick surfaces are all driving forces behind the necessity of durable labels. Working closely with manufacturing and industrial companies, we know what works best when you need a custom durable label that lasts.

 With digital and flexographic printing capabilities, PrimeSourceOPC has the flexibility to manufacture short and long runs on varying substrates with pressure sensitive adhesives based off what the product demands. Our durable labels are typically printed on vinyl, polyester or polypropylene substrates with permanent adhesives that allow for application on a wide range of surfaces.

Our extensive knowledge in the custom label space allows us to properly guide our customers through the process when determining which materials and coatings would be most suitable based off their individual label needs. Determining if a 1 mil laminate suffices or a 3-mil polycarbonate laminate would be best, are steps we take to ensure we are printing high quality labels that last.

Creating partnerships, with varying manufacturers spanning from pressure washing companies to outdoor tool equipment producers, has allowed our team of custom label experts to navigate the custom label print process with precision, cost efficiency and accuracy. Although the digital technology behind the print process is more modern, the challenges and customer expectations remain the same. Customers need expedited processes, on time delivery and a label company that stands behind their products. That is why PrimeSourceOPC is the premier durable label company of choice serving customers throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico. 

PrimeSourceOPC: North America’s premier label and tag printing manufacturer

Product Identification Labels

From wet dry vacs to lawnmowers, we manufacture labels that withstand the test of time. Partnering with large outdoor equipment manufacturers to ensure their products have effective product identification labels is our passion. Knowing whether a vinyl label with permanent adhesive or a polyester label with auto grade ink works best in specific environments is why industrial customers trust us as their go-to-resource for custom product identification labels.

Safety & Warning Labels

By informing workers, consumers and operators about possible dangers associated with operating tools and machinery through applied safety and warning labels, serious injuries can be prevented. With our expedited processes and rush to order capabilities, we provide a wide range of durable labels including Prop 65, Safety, Warning, Danger, and Electrical Labels.  Our digital presses print and ship to your facility with quick turn-around, so you never miss the opportunity to verify proper safety and warning labels are applied before your products ship.

UL & cUL Labels

PrimeSourceOPC is a UL/cUL authorized label supplier, which permits us to print the UL/cUL logos. We have a large selection of UL 969 PGDQ2, PGDQ8, PGJI2 and PGJI8 approved label constructions. UL 969 is the most referenced standard for label durability and assures our label constructions (base stocks, inks, overlaminates) have undergone rigorous independent testing before any printing occurs. Working with an informed label printer permitted to manufacture these types of labels is essential when manufacturing custom UL & cUL labels.

Lithium Battery Labels

Battery labels must be manufactured with accuracy and precise printing guidelines to adhere properly to their varying sizes and shapes. The labels must also be as durable as the batteries themselves providing extended lengths of use and possible exposure to harsh elements. Knowing the most effective substrates and types of adhesives battery labels need during the printing process is pertinent to ensuring the labels are printed with quality and precision. Let us guide you through the process of choosing the best label for your battery needs.

Variable Data Labels

Durable variable data labels offer numerous advantageous capabilities when determining what to print on your custom label. Variable data labels range from serialization to bar code variations to varying imagery used for marketing campaigns. Implementing these possibilities allows manufacturers ease of traceability, quality control should recalls occur, as well as inventory management.

Kit Sheets

When your equipment and tools need multiple labels with a variety of warning and safety instructions, kit sheets can be a life saver. Having multiple labels on one sheet or roll saves your employees time and guarantees correct application of all necessary labels. Custom die cuts, 4 and 6 color Gamut processes, and varying substrates are available to accommodate your label needs.

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