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Flexographic printing offers versatility and high-quality custom labels.

Although flexographic (flexo) printing is a more traditional print technology compared to digital printing, this form of printing still offers several advantages. Flexography is a high-resolution form of printing photopolymer plates directly onto rolls of label substrates. Since flexographic printing technology is versatile, the ability to print on a variety of label stocks with varying finishes allows for more options. When operating a flexographic printing press, auto-grade inks are used to help the colors last longer on custom labels.

Within our 40,000-square-foot headquarters, we operate a variety of flexographic presses to accommodate our clients’ needs. With these varying sized machines, we have the capability to run simultaneous jobs with speed and accuracy.

Flexographic printing with PrimeSourceOPC offers the below advantages when printing:

  • Ink selections such as metallics and pastels can be printed with this technology.
  • We inventory a large selection of standardized dies readily available for custom print projects.
  • Back printing on liners or adhesives are available.
  • Custom labels can be supplied on rolls, sheets, fan-folded, pinfed, or individual labels.
  • Cost is generally lower when printing extremely high volumes with fewer colors.

With 40 years in the label industry, our knowledge, in combination with our drive to exceed customers’ expectations, allows us to properly direct the label printing process. PrimeSourceOPC is your resource for all your custom label needs. To discuss your requirements or to inquire more about which printing method would best suit your needs, please contact us today.