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Every retailer is competing for one important thing – prime shelf space – so your label better be ready to compete. Consumer product manufacturers, distributors and fulfillment centers have trusted us, for over four decades, as their custom label solution in today’s competitive markets.

From prime labels, promotional labels and variable data labels to blank and direct thermal transfer labels, we reduce company’s overall production costs and increase their revenue. With our digital print technology and flexographic presses, we manufacture labels with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit their custom label needs. With access to different printing presses, we are capable of printing large or small runs. Understanding customers don’t want to waiver on quality due to smaller budgets, our team knows which printing presses will best accommodate your budget and needs. Although we do specialize in label printing, don’t think of us as just a “sticker” company. Our printing services span across a wide range of capabilities. Whether you’re needing instant redeemable coupons (IRCs), variable QR code labels, opaque cover-up labels, fluorescent labels, or thermal transfer blank labels/ribbons to print in-house, we have you covered. Our 40 plus years in the label industry enables us to guide customers through the material selection process to help make the right choice for their product packaging. Choosing the most effective label company is as important as choosing what type of art to print on your labels, so let PrimeSourceOPC help make your next label project a success.

PrimeSourceOPC- Your Resource for Warehouse Fulfillment Promotional Labels

Promotional Labels

Promotional campaigns need a custom label that grabs the consumer’s attention and encourages the impulse to want to buy that specific product. A colorful, flawless label will do all of this and more. No matter the marketing campaign or promotion you want to display, we have you covered. With our printing capabilities, we can print a wide range of colors, die cuts and finishes for your labels that will move products and support your marketing efforts.

Cover Up Labels

With an opaque backing, our custom cover up labels can discreetly cover any label or unwanted markings on your products or packaging. Our digital printing process, in conjunction with the opaque applications, allow us to customize shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever item you need to disguise. Our cover up labels can decrease operational cost by concealing bar codes, prices, or other changes instead of manufacturing all new products with new labels. Why waste money on the purchase of new boxes or products when you can simply use a cover up label to disguise what you need.

FlUorescent Labels

Fluorescent labels in the industrial market are an essential key in managing inventory, providing instructional directions to employees and verifying supply is available. With our wide selection of fluorescent labels, you can communicate easily and effectively with the application of a neon label. Whether you’re needing to Rotate Stock or provide instructions for Do Not Discard items, a fluorescent label can do what you need. Standard and other custom colors are available to fit your custom label needs.

Blank Labels

Thermal transfer and direct thermal labels provide numerous uses when needing a custom label. With the ability to print on a variety of printers such as Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, SATO and Zebra, designing and printing a label to fit your industry needs is a cinch. With thermal transfer labels, the ribbon must be durable in-order-for the label to last. As a supplier of thermal transfer labels and ribbons, we strive to provide customers with the label supplies they need. Should you simply need blank labels to print on your thermal transfer printers or more custom printed solutions for your thermal transfer and direct thermal needs, we are the label company that can assist with your business needs.

PRIME Labels

Since inventory must be up-to-date and ready to ship at a moments notice, your product packaging labels better be ready too. We manufacture our prime labels to be durable enough to withstand the effects of in-transit conditions while still maintaining a look of quality and customization when hitting the store shelves. When choosing your next custom label printer; think PrimeSourceOPC, and see why top brands trust us to deliver their custom prime labels on time, every time.

Variable Data Labels

The UPC bar code has come a long way since it’s debut in 1974 at Troy’s Marsh Supermarket. An idea, literally drawn in the sand by its creator Joe Woodland, was designed to expedite checkout queues and simplify stocktaking. Today, variable data does so much more. As the trend towards utilizing variable imagery in marketing campaigns grows, so does the need for manufacturers to include serialization, 2D bar codes and other variable information on their custom retail labels. With extensive knowledge in variable imagery, text and bar codes, we can launch your marketing campaign or inventory tracking to the next level.

Double-Sided Labels

Sometimes one side just isn’t enough!  With our custom double-sided labels, customers can strategically utilize both sides of their label to display facts and directions while also branding their product with logos and taglines.  Retail labels with two sided information allows manufacturers to display all of the necessary content for consumers.  Although this type of label printing can be unique, PrimeSourceOPC can properly guide you through the custom print process.

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