Cover-Up Labels

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Cover-Up LabelsAlso known as block-out or blackout labels, cover-up labels are a type of adhesive label that blocks out existing information on a package or product. Cover-up labels are typically used in situations where a label needs to be updated, changed, or corrected but the original label cannot be removed.

We usually print cover-up labels on durable materials, such as vinyl or paper. Most cover-up labels have an opaque, adhesive backing that prevents the original label from showing through. We can print cover-up labels with new graphics or information to effectively cover up the old label and block out the information on it.

Cover-up labels are especially useful in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries where requirements change quickly and require updated labeling. They can also be helpful in other settings, such as retail, where price changes or promotional messaging could require updated labeling.

Overall, cover-up labels are a cost-effective, convenient solution for correcting or updating product labeling without removing or replacing an original label. If you need cover-up labels for your operation, turn to us at PrimeSourceOPC. We can print your cover-up labels with fast turnaround times using high-quality printing processes.

We are known for the quality of the labels we print and our excellent customer service. To learn more about cover-up labels, our printing processes, or to place your next label order, get in touch with us today.